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Lanterns & Spotlights

Our super selection of preloved lanterns and spotlights hide some fascinating and unique stories. Some of the projector lamps have previously been airport runway lighting and in film studios, whilst the vintage lanterns have lit up streets and doorways. No matter whether you are into exclusive vintage or the more industrial look for your home or business, you can find it here.


Item no.: 1560
6.800 DKK


Item no.: 2435
6.900 DKK


Item no.: 1497
14.000 DKK


Item no.: 1851
14.500 DKK


Item no.: 33_48577
11.000 DKK

Projector Lamp

Item no.: 31_107446
28.000 DKK

From Lanterns to Projectors

The difference between a classic lantern and a lighting projector could not be wider. Not only can you find both of these lighting types her at Fil de Fer, but we also have selections of any type of lamp in between, even landing strip projectors and street lighting from time to time. We hope that our select range inspires you.

Romance in the Garden

A beautiful antique garden lantern recreates the ambiance of romantic walks through Parisian parks. Each of our charming lanterns tell a story of a time gone by, when they decorated wonderful parks and private gardens. Fil de fer are guardians of their past, until their ambiance can grace your homes with a warmth and romantic touch, which one simply cannot find anywhere else.

Industrial Design

If you want to carry an entire industrial look throughout in your decoration style, you can select furnishings matching the same material as a projector lamp. Solid wood and glass gives an authentic feel, and adds depth and grace to a space. Contrasts play a strong part in industrial style décor, so that there’s a raw and elegant ambiance.

Raw Lighting

If you’re into the raw, industrial look, an old film projector light in your living room throws an unpolished and special spotlight, influencing your entire interior. With a provenance in Paris of long ago, shining their cool and concentrated lights on film scenes, this is a perfect way to enhance a lovely area at home, that deserves extra attention.