Garden Tools

Fil de Fer’s antique garden tools combine functionality with authenticity. Gift your green fingers with vintage garden tools and items from France of yesteryear. A time when tools were made with solid materials. Our careful selection of vintage garden tools have wonderful patina and stories to tell. Look no further.

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Weathered Garden Tools

Vine pruning shears, antique weeding tools, super vintage trowels, retro gardening tools – you name it, the Fil de Fer team finds and stocks it; if we catch sight of cultivating tools with the right patina and which probably have been in the green fingered hands of many French gardeners. Some of these preloved quality items are tough to find, as they are usually used until they are worn with time. But we have been lucky with the handsome, solid quality and useful gardening tools we find.

Vine pruning shears

Whether you’re on the lookout for French antique pruning shears, or trowels of all shapes and sizes, you’ve come to the right place. And if by any chance we don’t have the planting tool you’re after, we are happy to make a note of your requests so that we can find the right one with patina and sturdiness on our frequent trips. Of course one can find new gardening tools at your local garden centre at the blink of an eye, but they’re really not the same thing..

Antique gardening tools with a dual purpose

Our planting and garden tools are not new. But their quality and preloved patina entails so much ambiance, that your garden would be enhanced by them. They’re both decorative and functional – super to look at and to hold. It’s lovely to hold something with these qualities. They’d look great on a wall, in a wicker basket, or zinc holders, along with a zinc watering can too.

Vintage Gardening

Holding antique backyard tools such as trowels or secateurs does add a special element to your gardening experience. Just as using a vintage vine pruner adds a French something to your vine maintenance. They are full of quality, soul, and practicality. This outdoor equipment has stood the test of time, differentiating themselves from mass produced garden centre items. Browse our site to see if anything catches your green eyes!