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Miscellaneous - Garden

Our Miscellaneous Garden section consists of unique items which don’t quite tick the other category boxes.  In here, you can find quirky finds for your outdoor space, especially and carefully chosen for their provenance and fascinating look. Explore our selection of garden miscellany. Perhaps you may fall upon the perfect item you didn’t know you were searching for.

Enamel Jug

Item no.: 99_140086
900 DKK

Enamel Jug

Item no.: 99_140089
800 DKK

Enamel Jug

Item no.: 99_140094
700 DKK

Flowerbed Borders

Item no.: 99028
350 DKK


Item no.: 190018
22.800 DKK

Garden Bed Borders

Item no.: 99_116822
400 DKK

Garland Holder

Item no.: 7600
1.200 DKK

Grape Picker Barrel

Item no.: 12328
4.500 DKK

Grape Picker Crate

Item no.: 99_73690
2.200 DKK

Large Domed Dog House by Willy Guhl

Item no.: 99_22757
25.500 DKK

Plant Table

Item no.: 99_45501
3.800 DKK

Skittle Game Set

Item no.: 99_73867
3.800 DKK

Small Chalkboard

Item no.: 99_95297
300 DKK

Small Chalkboard

Item no.: 99_95298
300 DKK

Vintage Goodies for the Outdoors

We’re sure you lack a grape-pickers basket in your life..or a charming French fruit crate? A plant stand? A dog house? Antique prices tags to be used for your herb garden? Pop by Fil de Fer. You’re sure to find wonderful items just like these and more surprises, hidden and waiting to be discovered. We are proud of our range of exciting and extraordinary vintage curiosa. These unique and vintage objects will add a special something to your outside space, no matter how you arrange them. Of this you can be sure.

Dreamy Strawberry Crates

You can’t quite put your finger on what it is, but you need something for your home. When you see it, you won’t be in doubt any longer. It could be a unique garland holder, a gorgeous vintage fruit crate or a French plant stand. Each and every item comes with a tale to be told, because they come from another time and place, when they meant something. Whether in a café, shop, or home.

Grape-picker Crates or Baskets

Price tags, plant stands, planting tables, garland holders, fruit crates, strawberry picker boxes and an ample assortment of bits and bobs for outdoor use. Many of the items are not only super decorative and charming, but useful. They serve a fabulous dual purpose. Do drop by and feel inspired, whether for your garden, front doorstep, balcony or terrace.

At What Price?

Many items from our miscellaneous garden objects range come from private homes, but there are some which started their life in small French boutiques or businesses. And this is true of our grape picker crates from vineyards, and of course our small and unique vintage signs and price tags. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to bring hand painted tags from French plant nurseries or farms, once used to sell fruit and vegetables along the wayside in France. It is such very items which create a wonderful atmosphere at home.

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