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Garden Statues & Ornaments

Our wonderful and fun antique garden statues would add a personal touch and decorate any garden or balcony.  We have a personally chosen selection of vintage garden ornaments from home and abroad, with a wonderful weathered look after many years  outdoors. Take a voyage of discovery to see what would enhance your outdoor space, and let yourself be inspired.


Item no.: 190018
22.800 DKK

Garden Chair / Sculpture

Item no.: 166363
12.000 DKK

Garden Sculpture

Item no.: 169221
13.500 DKK

Garden Sculpture

Item no.: 169238
12.500 DKK

Sandstone Spier

Item no.: 2034
2.900 DKK

Sandstone Spier

Item no.: 4665
2.700 DKK

Water Fountain Statue

Item no.: 85_156359
8.800 DKK

Beautiful Madonna on the Balcony?

Perhaps your garden is almost perfect… that is, apart from that classic statue or sandstone sculpture, which you really didn’t know you lacked until now! Should you be browsing through our French vintage garden figures, you will find the possibilities are endless. Let’s be honest-you don’t even need a garden to be able to enjoy one of these wonderful animal sculptures. One would look just as gorgeous on a balcony.

Outdoor Patina for the Garden

Figures of deer, storks, sandstone spires, Madonna sculptures, classical statues – you name it. All of this and much much more, either in our boutique or online in our webshop. Fil de Fer is the perfect stopover if you’re on the hunt for animal statues. Their weathered look through years of outdoor living, add that timeless and genuine patina to a new garden. A sight for sore eyes and warmth for your soul.

Animating Animal Statues

Are you lacking a charming animal statue for your ornamental garden or terrace? So many find the small bambi or larger deer figures irresistible, but they are far from the only animal sculptures we have in our range of hand picked garden ornaments. We often have vintage stork figures from France in stock. Less typically, even a monkey can swing by. No matter which statues you select, it will certainly add to your garden’s ambiance, so that it stands out and becomes your own.

Super French Sandstone Steeple

A spire reaches towards the heavens, but they don’t always have to stand on top of buildings where not everyone can admire them. Understandably, many fall in love with the antique spires formed in sandstone, which we bring home from France. They suit Danish gardens very well, whether leaning towards the romantic style or the minimalistic look. They are also wonderfully suited on a balcony and a lovely vision for you or your guests.

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