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Display Cabinets

Display cabinets can hold your jewellery and knick knacks as well as protect your belongings from small sticky fingers. Here, you will find our abundant range of vintage display cabinets, which would decorate any home, but also work superbly as a piece of shop inventory for display purposes. These  preloved showcases hide unique stories of days gone by, from their time as museum, business or boutique display cabinets. Also from any well to do French bourgeoisie home.

Display Unit

Item no.: 18945
7.800 DKK

Étagere – Shelving Stand

Item no.: 89777
19.800 DKK

Fascinating Vintage Display Units

Do you collect vintage watches? Or do you have lots of marvellous knick knacks which deserve to be displayed? An antique display cabinet may just be the thing – that perfect glass montre to ‘exhibit’ your favourite things. They come in all styles and sizes, so there is anything for all styles. No matter which glass montre you choose, it’ll definitely enhance your home or boutique. Of that we are certain.

Display the French Way

The fascination for antique glass display cabinets is understandable, seeing as so many use them to store and show items which mean so much to them. For example, you can have a beautiful table showcase, to hold your jewellery, or a museum cabinet for a small bust/sculpture. It adds a fun and unique twist to your interior, and means your possessions can see the light by being out in the open. We think that this is why antique glass cases are so sought after.

Pride of Place in a Museum Cabinet

Fil de Fer finds and hand picks vintage display units from abroad and mainly from France. The team have selected and brought home unique museum display cabinets which surely have show cased some wonderful pieces in their previous lives, and glass show cases from wonderfully extravagant French homes. We also have jewellery display cases from exclusive Parisien boutiques and glass cabinets which once showed luxury perfumes from perfumeries.  Each and every one, whether in brass or chrome, has a different story.

The Best of Glass Display Units

Fil de Fer houses an extraordinary choice of antique display cabinets, because we select the best of the best. We can ensure that our clients get exclusive quality in our museum show cases with gilt finishings, or jewellery boutique industrial style glass units for your business. Do browse through our site or visit our boutique. You will not be disappointed in our vintage display cabinets.

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