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Gift Certificates

Receiving a Fil de Fer gift certificate is like being given the key to Pandora’s Box. Once a gift certificate is in your hand, there is such a wonderful abundance to choose from! What an opportunity to browse through this variety of marvellous, scintillating and irresistible rarities.

1,000 DKK Gift Certificate

Item no.: 00_35432
1.000 DKK

1,500 DKK Gift Certificate

Item no.: 35433
1.500 DKK

2,000 DKK Gift Certificate

Item no.: 35435
2.400 DKK

500 DKK Gift Certificate

Item no.: 00_35431
500 DKK

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Fil de Fer’s webshop offers you the following delivery options:

1. Fil de Fer delivery within Danmark
Fil de Fer deliver using their affiliated delivery company. Delivery is within Denmark, including the islands connected by bridge.
Free transport for purchases above the value of 5,000 DKK.
For purchases below 5,000 DKK, you will receive a transport offer from Fil de fer.

2. Fil de Fer delivery abroad
Fil de Fer are happy to contact you and assist in coordinating transport options which best suit your requirements. Payment for delivery of your order should be settled directly with the delivery company.

3. Collection from Fil de Fer boutique
You collect your purchase directly from our boutique. When the item is ready to be collected, Fil de Fer will contact you.

4. Transport is arranged by you
You are welcome to contact transport companies independently. The transport company can then contact Fil de Fer, who are happy to assist with collection coordination.