Praise for Fil de Fer, in Berlingske Tidende’s Tendens Bolig Section

“Step into Fil de Fer, and you are met by visions of light from several chandeliers reflected from the clear brass, mirror and glass surfaces. Your eye immediately begins to discover lovingly selected vintage items in this treasure trove.”

This is how Berlingske Tidende describes a visit to Fil de Fer, in a warm and fascinating article in their Tendens Bolig section, which covered exclusive antiques and charming sensations of France.

The article especially focuses on the boutique’s unique and magical atmosphere, which can really only truly occur in a room filled with beautiful antiques. As owner Søs Liisberg so perfectly sums up in the article, Fil de Fer’s items are “works of art just as much as they are practical”.

In describing Fil de Fer’s Store Kongensgade boutique as a place which seeks to inspire beautiful, practical and contrasting interior with charm, Berlingske Tidende’s warm praise is spot on.

Have you been by the boutique recently?
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