New Francophile owners at Fil de Fer

Søs and Jens Liisberg from Hellerup take over daily management.


Exactly 20 years ago, Fil de Fer opened on Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen. Since when, it has grown to the substantial vintage universe we see today, with both a Nordic and global following, and a leading light amongst Danish and Nordic knowledge within the world of French antiques.

Now there are new owners at Fil de Fer’s helm, namely Søs and Jens Liisberg from Hellerup.

Søs Liisberg, a trained psychotherapist, has a lifelong passion for interior design and all things vintage. Jens Liisberg has a background in the IT industry, but loves hunting and making serious finds at various flea markets around France.

Moreover, the magazine Elle Decoration has appointed Fil de Fer with the prestigious title of being one of the world’s 40 best interior boutiques. Not bad recognition at all, considering it being such a highly competitive market.