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Antique plates make your table setting personal and decorative. We have carefully and considerately chosen vintage plates in coloured faience, antique assiettes from French cafés, and the prettiest hand painted patterned preloved dishes.  You won’t just find elegant items to eat from, but you will also have a piece of history from a France of days gone by.

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Plenty of plates

Meat serving dishes, gravy boats, oyster platters, terrines, or plates en masse. Fil de Fer certainly has a wide hand selected range of exclusive vintage crockery, primarily brought home from France. You can find enough items for a completely unique table setting of dinnerware, as well as a few French centrepieces or cake dishes for a special birthday tea party. It’s difficult not to be seduced by the gorgeous porcelain and faience, once you’ve seen the range.

That essential oyster platter

Let’s be honest, there are some things which one can certainly do without…but it isn’t always the voice of reason which rules over the heart. For example, it’s absolutely possible to eat oysters from a normal plate, even a lovely plate. But there is nothing quite like a unique French vintage oyster platter on the table, accompanied by some oyster dishes. Especially when guests visit. Don’t underestimate the power of a little extravagance!

Antique meat servers to unique centrepieces

What are you looking for – a serving platter, lovely old terrine, garnish plates, a lunch or dinner service, soup dishes? What about a pretty centrepiece or fruit dish? Any one of our antique plates would compliment any table or counter top. And they do more than that. They have a soul, and provenance, and tell stories of times gone by. You can start a new chapter in their life’s story.

That perfect vintage terrine

Terrines are easy to find, if a normal one is what you’re after. To find that unique, perfect terrine however, you may not even know what you’re looking for until you chance upon it. These chances are a lot higher, if you visit Fil de Fer. During our countless antique hunts  to France, we hand pick and bring home many delightful vintage terrines, so we rarely run out of a super range in the boutique. And every one has that special something which is hard to find elsewhere.