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There is something very special about antique glass. With their unique history and refined craftsmanship, they are both functional and decorative. Our range offers vintage French jam jars, hand picked cut glass carafes, and glass domes to cover food or display ornaments. Should you wish to store your sugary goodies, we also have a charming selection of hand blown bonbon dishes.

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Ancient glass

Isn’t it incredible how something as fragile, can survive almost unscathed through time? That the antique and vintage glass which Fil de Fer finds, manages to last through history, is something rather special. It means that it has been treasured, or cared for and treated with care. We can be grateful for this care, because it means we can offer such a special range of glassware, of so many varieties – from retro milk bottles to antique wedding chalices. Tip toe around our assortment and be enamoured.

Delightful detail

Picture yourself inviting friends and family to a summer lunch in the garden. Cheese, bread and grapes laid out upon rustic chopping boards, fruit bowls and of course with a glass dome to protect the cheese. It’s a pleasure for foodies to be able to serve a meal in an authentic way with an eye for detail. We have wonderful antique comports, super carafes, bonbonnieres and lovely vintage lemonade glasses. Experiment a little!

Bottles, bells & bonbon bowls

Glassware can range from the exclusive and delicate to the solid and practical. Fil de Fer offers a little of everything. Vintage bottles and chemist storage jars, French bowls and antique tealight glasses. All add exclusivity and nuances of another time. A dark opaque demijohn or cut glass bowl would look gorgeous in an entrance hall. It’s about combining antique French glass with the contrast of a modern living space.

Glass with a past

Our many French glasses, antique jugs, vintage pots and bonbonnieres have each survived – and experienced – history. They have decorated small French bistros, and witnessed special occasions and moments. Now it’s your turn to take one home and let it live a new life story. Most of the time, we know the provenance of the patented bottles and French jam jars, but history is so varied and unique that we can ensure that something quirky and special for anyone who loves a sparkle of vintage French interior.