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Cutting Boards

Our variety of chopping boards send you straight back in time to France of old.  These raw vintage cutting boards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and are delightful also as serving platters for your cheese and meats. They truly have the right patina. Along with their rustic shape, they add a provincial ambiance to any kitchen – modern or classic.

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French Cuisine

The exquisite taste and sense of service in French cuisine is known throughout the world. The moment of food preparation is especially important, and the simple wooden chopping board plays a leading role. Not only do our antique, solid quality and rustic cutting boards make any carving task simple, but they add a fabulous elegance to any kitchen or dining table. Do look through our selection. You will have a hard time resisting!

Serving the Real Deal

Serving baguette and cheeses and meats on a chunky old chopping board is more and more popular. It adds a raw and rustic look, and exudes culinary understated quality. Our beautiful antique carving boards are authentic and marvellous, and oh so French. A wonderful way to serve guests.

Chopping Board with History

Our quality, antique chopping boards make anyone a gourmet, and are so soulful. This is because they are carefully selected and brought home from flea markets throughout France. In this way we can ensure their patina, which in turn creates a French ambiance in your home. The fact that each cutting board is so old, makes the wood look fantastic and rustic. It enhances the quality made pieces.

A Sense for Detail

Fil de Fer’s chopping boards come in all shapes, sizes and weights. We have dark solid walnut ones, and lighter slimmer oak or acacia wood boards. They are all unique, and have wonderful rough or finer detail work. All these aspects tell tales of long lives in old France, preparing or serving delightful French food.