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Café au Lait Bowls (Bol)

Discover our marvellous wide range of café au lait bowls (bol). The classic round bowls which one so often sees at the morning table in French homes. Our range includes bowls of all colours, patterns and sizes. Use them at the table, to keep your bits and pieces in, or as charming decorative additions to your home.

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From Shelf to Table

Café au lait bowls (bol) are often used around the breakfast table in French homes. Dipping croissants in your coffee is so much more practical this way because of their wider brim, you see! They are actually just French coffee cups. But these decorative and charming bowls can be used in other ways. We at Fil de Fer often see café au lait bowls filled with flowers for a bedroom, or for serving snacks at parties. The bowl size make them useful in so many ways.

Café au Lait Bowls for all Tastes

These small French coffee bowls are made of different materials and in different colours. When we choose a new vintage café au lait bol, we always focus on patina and quality. French porcelain should make you feel as though you are sitting at a French café table and enjoying a great cup of coffee. We think these authentic bowls make coffee taste that much better.

It Goes by Many Names

This popular French bol has many names in Denmark. At home, it’s most often known as a ‘café au lait bowl’, but many just call it a ‘French coffee bowl’. Another popular name is a ‘faience bowl’ and a shorter name is just simply ‘bol’. Whatever you call these items, they are super.

Sweetly Decorated and Selected

As with all our interior items, café au lait bowls are hand-picked and brought home from France. We personally travel there, and choose those we consider to have the most soul and charm, and our selection is varied and charming – from a variety of patterns in many colour palettes. It is especially easy to choose the right French bowl which either matches your cutlery or table linen, or separates itself from the others.

The French Café Table

Wouldn’t it be fun to try out a café au lait bowl in its true and original setting? Here on our webshop, and in our boutique, you will find French cutlery, bistro tables and chairs which make you feel as though you are sitting outside of one of Paris’ many street cafés. By putting them together, you are hand picking your own sense f France straight into your living room or garden. Even more reason to invite friends for coffee.