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Miscellaneous - Lighting

Our Miscellaneous section covers the unique types of lighting which do not fit in our other categories. This diversity of objects are hand picked for their look and provenance. Dive into our treasure chest and find just what you were missing for your home.

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Soul Lamps

‘Miscellaneous Lighting’ is where you browse, if you want to look for fabulous and unique light sources, from lampshades and Jieldé lamps to workshop lamps and everything in between. The Fil de Fer Copenhagen boutique is a perfect treasure trove for the connoisseur who is hunting for that extraordinary je ne sais quoi-whether it be a rustic, industrial lamp, or exclusive lampshade.

Vintage Workshop Lamps

It may be called workmans lighting, but this doesn’t mean that they should solely be used in a factory or workshop. They are super decorative in entranceways, offices, or larders. There are so many possibilities with these antique lamps. Drop by our Copenhagen boutique, or browse through our webshop, if you’d like to search through our unique vintage lamps, whether they are wall lights, or Jieldé lamps.

What’s a Jieldé?

We often source French Jieldé lamps for our stock, but they are sold just as fast as they come in! Jieldé lamps are very popular, which is understandable if you know what they are. Since being first produced in the 50’s, they have always had a certain genuine, raw and industrial edge. Made in different designs, they are the perfect stunning industrial addition to your home or work space. Not least due to their genuine patina.

Sconces in Copenhagen

Bracket lighting or sconces are such a cosy solution. Often just used as intended, as wall lights, they are super as bedside lamps, with two on the wall by the bed. As with all our items, our antique or vintage sconces are hand selected from France. Since we are always on the lookout for them, we have constant new additions to our special range.