Lamps - handpicked antique lamps from Franche at Fil de Fer


Our abundant range of antique lamps is thoughtfully and carefully selected with their unique designs and expressionism in mind. Not only do each of the lamps fulfill a practical purpose by way of lighting, but they bring with them provenance and personality. The choice consists of everything from beautiful and exclusive vintage lamps, to huge and raw industrial ones. Here, you can find just the right touch to your decor.

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Find that perfect vintage lamp

From antique lamps of all wondrous shapes and sizes, to stylized vintage Jieldé industrial lighting, from classic candelabras to stunning crystal chandeliers, it is here at Fil de Fer that you will find what you are looking for. The fabulous choice available gives you ample opportunity to find the perfect lighting solution for your home or your work space, so you create the perfect ambiance and setting. Browse through our super selection, and let vintage lamps shine a new glow into your interior.

Stunning vintage lamps of all shapes and sizes

Does your dining room cry out for an antique chandelier? What about a cool retro lamp by the French producer Jieldé for your study? Perhaps you are on the lookout for some alternative and large lighting sources for your office space / shop? You will always find something here, no matter what – at least if you are into French vintage lamps. Guaranteed, Fil de Fer can provide you with an exceptional range of vintage lamps and other light sources, to truly satisfy even the most discerning Francophile in need of unique and atmospheric lighting.

Create a new mood with vintage lighting

If interiors are your thing, then you already know how influential lighting is, and that finding the vintage lamp which is just right for your space, is key to the final touch. This may be an old industrial style lamp with its own story to tell. Or it may be a wondrous and stunning antique crystal chandelier. There’s a myriad of possibilities, and if you are on the lookout for inspiration to find the perfect ambiance for your home or workplace, you are always welcome to visit our vintage boutique in Copenhagen, or browse through our webpage.

So much more than just an old lamp

Fil de Fer selects antique lamps by their uniqueness, provenance and look. Old lamps shouldn’t just fulfil a functional purpose. Rather, they should meet a certain aesthetic standard. In other words – Fil de Fer’s vintage lamps have true soul.

Antique lighting in all shapes and sizes

You will find our vintage lamps come in diverse shapes, colours, sizes and materials. And each and every one has that special characteristic which makes it stand out: the larger lamps may have swirls of brass ornamentation; the cool and colourful mid-century retro floor lamps; and the industrial style Jieldé table lamps. Why not come to our vintage boutique in Copenhagen, or browse our webpage? There is a myriad of antique lamps to discover.

Chandeliers to projector lamps: Let there be light!

Light. A prerequisite for life. Yet also essential when creating assorted moods. A room’s function and ambiance can totally change depending on whether you choose a vintage candelabra, crystal chandelier, an industrial projector lamp by Jieldé, or one of our wide array of many antique lights. They are hand-picked from near and far, but predominantly French in style. One can for example alter a completely minimalistic modern room with a gorgeous crystal chandelier. Alternatively, a more ornate room can have an extra dimension with the addition of a vintage lamp from Jieldé. If you are on the lookout for authentic and special vintage lighting in Copenhagen, then you have come to the right place.