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Ceiling Lighting

Each of our ceiling lights tells a fascinating story. Some of the antique ceiling lamps have lit up factories and boutiques. Others have shone over dining tables at home and abroad. This fabulously unique collection ranges from classical familiar lines to unique shades and pendant lamps. A range difficult to find elsewhere.

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So Much More Than Light

Many realise that lamps are not just a way to light a room. Fil de Fer’s ceiling lamps are an intricate part of interior design, tying a room together and setting the mood. When the lamps are teamed up with a space’s natural lighting, there is a unique additional dimension of impressions and shades. As you may gather, we at Fil de Fer are crazy for antique lamps. And so will you be once you have seen our collection.

Look Up!

Whether glistening chandeliers or factory lighting, that surprising contrast between ceiling and floor is created. It’s pleasurable to look upwards to visual exclusivity, and notice that interior décor can be so put together. A unique ambiance is created by the right vintage lamp, so that your guests experience the whole tasteful interior of old France.

Style Has No Limit

Chandeliers and palm tree lamps especially, are in demand. Both styles of lamp are totally unique, and set the mood. Their gilt work and fine details can often be so ornamental. Their fabulous look is often a major player in a space’s interior. In drastic contrast to this, are our sleek and understated glass or iron ceiling lights, which provide an elegant and subtle addition to décor. As you can gather, there really is no limit to the style and impression you wish to create. The Fil de Fer team loves this fact.

Glorious Ceiling Lights

Fil de Fer’s exclusive choice offers a little of everything. We have vintage stunning empire chandeliers, and romantic crystal lamps, drawing you back to a time of French elegance and charm. For those into the fabulous industrial lamps, with their raw appeal, our antique iron lamps and mid-century sputniks fit the bill, giving modern expression. What they all have in common, is that they have been lovingly selected, and that each and every type has a story to tell, having adorned dance halls, long closed factories, and small French cafés.