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Jars & Pots

Adorn the interior of your home with gorgeous vintage pots. Our exclusive range of earthenware spans pharmacy jars, weathered garden plant pots and huge old glazed storage bowls.  Stand them on the floor to use as magnificent vases, use them for storage purposes, or just let them stand in their own right.

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From Chemists to Cooking

Fil de Fer has a marvellous range of lovely vintage containers. Fun pharmacy jars to the rustic and provincial jam pots all would be a wonderful addition to your kitchen or tableware collection. But it doesn’t stop there. Perhaps you’re on the lookout for a unique storage container, a beautiful weathered pot, or a mason jar as a floor vase? Even something you didn’t realise you needed!

Weathered Jars Filled with Wonder

When you are use these charming containers with their delightful patina in your home, you add a tale of a different time-soulfulness. Whether a jam jar, floor vase, pharmacy container, or canning jar, they give a new dimension to where you live. They can alter the otherwise clean, stylistic modern lines, so often seen in newer homes. And that small antique touch can be all the difference to a property’s overall look.

A Container for the Floor

Some use these marvellously weathered pots for decorative purposes, such as chemists jars. Others however, give items a function other than just storage. A jam jar or marmalade pot for example look super on a table with flowers in them. Just as larger weathered glass containers do, when placed on the floor and used as floor vases on a landing or entrance. Endless possibilities and endless inspiration here at Fil de Fer!

Jam Jar at the Breakfast Table

Would you like to add an antique je ne sais pas to your breakfast tray? Take a look at our lovely French marmalade pots, just right for this very thing. And once you’ve noticed the stunning patina on our variety of jam jars, you may not be able to stop! Perhaps a chemist storage jar with lid, or a vintage glass jar as a larger vase? They’re all brimming with soul in our vintage jar and pot category.