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Explore  our wide range of antiques, which would decorate any home. The selection consists of exclusive especially chosen décor objects steeped in provenance.  You can find anything from glass  jam jars, to vintage banners and other fabulous unique wall decorations.

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Decorate in True French Style

You can add a subtle French feel to your home through small delicate and charming details from France. Fil de Fer offers many unique vintage finds which exude France from a time gone by. Our one of a kind selection of decorative items is constantly being updated, so do keep an eye on us online. In the meantime, you are always welcome to visit our boutique on Store Kongensgade, where you can let yourself be inspired.

Add Life to Your Walls

An obvious place to add French details to your home, are your walls. We have a marvelous choice of French posters, displays and banners in all colour palettes. We also have various national flags, a splendid way to add spice and history to your interior. Should you seek a more industrial and raw look for your living space, we also have rustic or elegant facade signage and wooden wheels! What better ways to give your walls life and that French feel? If you’re looking for a full makeover, we have stunning antique tiles, which ensure a complete vintage ambiance for your walls.

Practical Prettiness

Even though many of our ornaments are mainly for decorative purposes, we do have exceptions. A tray can hold tealights and fresh flowers, but is also used for serving. Our antique French baking forms can still be put in the oven, and the ornamental ice buckets and cake dishes or cheese platters are super when entertaining. One would think that vintage glass jars and enamel bowls were made to serve sweets and snacks. In fact, there is an endless list of ideas to use our French décor items. Perhaps you can find a use which we haven’t even considered?

Browsing in Provence

It’s almost impossible not to get carried away with all the antique and beautiful bird cages, and vintage wicker work and sculptures which we find at flea markets in Provence. This has naturally meant that our marvellous collection of décor varia in Copenhagen has grown, and ranges from incredible dolls houses, old French serving platters, and antique model ships. One of our latest amusing finds is a genuine set of antique carrousel animals, simply brimming with the charm of a summer day at an old French fun fair.

Something to Talk About

Be in no doubt, that whether it be an antique model ship, vintage suitcase, or noble French bust, it will be noticed. Our unique items will certainly surprise and inspire your guests. Offer them a cigarette from one of our vintage collection of Gauloise, with the coolest retro packaging. And our glass domes are an elegant way to serve the cheese course. Your guests will leave with a feeling of being well cared for on a journey back to France of yesteryear.

French Curiosities

We are proud that we personally find curiosities and knick knacks which are quirky or memorable. We have many beautiful and rustic decorations, which would add an exclusive look to any nook or cranny. For example, our fabulous vintage clock faces make super wall ornamentation, and an antique globe is an atmospheric talking point for a study or living room. Genuine French décor curiosities are wonderful additions in the modern home, bringing life and a historical dimension. Start slowly, and it’s fair to warn you that you’ll soon be smitten by our lovely, fun French ornaments.