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Our collection of antique zinc accessories spans from weathered tubs and basins and buckets which are not only decorative, but also super for in and outdoor storage.  With their weathered look, they tell a story of a time in the provinces, when  zinc items had necessary functionality. Discover our selection of vintage interior zinc items, and give them a new life in your own personal space.

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Vintage French Zinc Pieces

Zinc is popular, because it exudes rustic French vintage. You can find all the right things at Fil de Fer. From zinc barrels, vases, watering cans, zinc tubs and other zinc items. There’s certainly enough to choose between, and zinc can be utilized indoor and out. It’s completely up to you. In case we didn’t mention it, we typically have weather vanes, zinc wicker ware and several tubs and buckets in stock.

Zinc Inside

Imagine a large zinc barrel filled to the brim with flowers, right in the middle of your garden. But who says that antique French zinc objects should be restricted to the outdoors? There are so many possibilities for your interior spaces too. You will undoubtedly be creating ambiance and soulful treasures, whether it be in the form of vintage zinc buckets and lids, or beautiful zinc vases and baskets to adorn your living room.

Zinc Tubs, Buckets and Baths

Zinc objects suit many other elements of all varieties of material. Your only limit is your imagination. Try looking around our boutique (virtually or in real life) and see our range of zinc items one only typically can find in France. We have Zinc baths, zinc barrels, zinc tubs and zinc vases. Combine them and mix match them with other items, just as you wish.

Metal Wicker Work and More

What is it about old zinc metal baskets that gets you dreaming? Where has that zinc wicker work stood before? What has it carried? How did it get that small dent? Fantasy comes alive and history arrives on your doorstep, with the help of a zinc weather cock, or zinc basket in your living space outdoors or in.