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Storage above the ordinary is one way in which to describe our range French antique wardrobes. Hand selected vintage cupboards from the best kept secrets in France, have been brought to Fil de Fer’s universe. Here, they can start a new journey – perhaps even put your items away? Look through our collection of preloved antique closets, and add a personal touch to your interior.

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The French Closet

In your hunt to find that perfect, beautiful, antique wardrobe for your home, you will run into all manner of styles. Some of our vintage wardrobes are metal, others are wood. Many are painted and decorated, others have glass panels. A few are hanging cabinets, even though the larger of them also have feet. Of utmost importance to us, is that at least one of our marvellous French wardrobes will capture your heart and add inspiration to your interior design-whether you are an experienced Francophile, or a newcomer to our small and wonderful universe.

What Hides Within?

Our vintage closets are truly something. From the outside, they are alluring, weathered, even rustic. But it is not until your open their doors, that you will feel the magic and history. The wardrobes conceal tales of a forgotten time in France of yesterday; France, the birthplace of elegant clothing and fine shoes. Press your ear close to our exclusive bar cabinets, and hear the light gossip of parties and chitchat from days gone by. And opening our antique filing cabinets whispers hints of secret documents and mysterious contracts. If you don’t believe us, pop by our Store Kongensgade boutique and listen for yourself.

Retro Lockers

If you’re mostly into the raw, industrial look, then retro lockers and antique medicine cabinets add character and depth to your interior. The unpolished material and edgy look creates a tasteful contrast to the modern home, and the many years they have in them guarantee a rustic and authentic feel to your living space. Old and acid-washed wooden cupboards, or Tolix cabinets also give a distinct and raw look, taking you back to vintage France.

Create Statements

In choosing one of our hand-picked, vintage cupboards, you are ensured of soulful and charming décor. Whether on the lookout for a compact, antique filing cabinet or a lovely and rustic wardrobe, you can be fairly sure that we provide something out of the ordinary. Q: When is a closet not just a closet? A: When it doesn’t just function as practical storage, rather adds soul, inspiration and patina. In combining vintage or antique wardrobes in a modern interior with up to date touches, you’re creating something bigger than just neutral storage furniture. We’re excited to discover what you come up with!