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Allow yourself to be tempted by our antique chairs of old.  We have handpicked French vintage chairs, which have aged gracefully. Amongst our selection you will find functional Tolix chairs, French wicker chairs and armchairs from the 50’s.  Personalize your interior, by placing preloved chairs around your dining room table, in your living room, or just let them stand as ornaments in their own right.  

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Antique chairs with history

Fil de Fer has a broad and exciting range of top quality antique chairs: Everything from French café chairs, vintage dining chairs, and Tolix chairs, to diverse French flea market finds. You will get antique chairs steeped in provenance and personality, no matter the choice you make.

French decor

We are proud to say that we are specialists in finding that perfect vintage chair from near or far, not least from France. This, you probably already know! This means that you will always find a vast assortment of antique chairs, just right for creating that classic French interior. You can also use them to add a warmer historical dimension to a modern, minimalist space.

Sitting pretty in an antique chair

A chair must be functional and fulfill a purpose. But why can’t it be aesthetically pleasing – as a piece of art would be? This is Fil de Fer’s philosophy. And it is this thought we have in mind when on the lookout for vintage chairs in hidden treasure troves. If this is something you can relate to, you need look no further. Visit our vintage boutique or browse our web shop to see our wide range of antique chairs, whether you need a Tolix chair, a French café chair, or a beautiful vintage dining chair full of character. Rest assured, you will always find that perfect antique chair, so that you and your guests are sitting pretty!

Vintage chairs up-cycled

It’s easy to buy six identical new chairs for your dining table. But let’s admit it, it’s far more fun and original to find unique vintage dining chairs which you certainly wouldn’t see every day. The right sort of vintage chairs creates a whole new ambiance to your space. Antique chairs also add that extra special something to a room which is mainly decorated with newer furniture.

Café chairs to flea market finds: Something for anything

With Fil de Fer, you will find antique chairs for any room and purpose, whether they be vintage dining chairs for your home, French café chairs for your conservatory, antique chairs for a children’s room, French flea market finds for your office, or more! Add that final touch to your décor. There are so many exciting potential combinations, and you are always welcome to ask us for advice. We enjoy providing tips as to the vintage chair possibilities available for your particular requirement.

Unique and antique

When you purchase a vintage chair from Fil de Fer, you can rest assured that you won’t be finding another at your friends’ homes. From this point of view, our chairs are completely unique, and have that perfect patina only truly attainable through time. And we refer to the chairs as our own, because that is how we think of them. We don’t just purchase vintage chairs randomly on a whim. Rather, we select each and every antique chair according to our carefully contemplated experienced eye. Every single chair has a story to us and means something – from the club lounge chairs unique vintage dining chairs to the cool Tolix chairs – and we hope that they come to mean at least as much to you.